Through These Windows


My latest work: Through These Windows explores change as seen through windows. Walking or driving at night through a city, the neighborhood, or even the countryside, lights beckon from homes and buildings. Or do they signal danger? I ask myself, “who lives or works behind those windows? Are they free to change, or are they trapped in their current situation? And, what do they see as they peer out of those windows?” While some images evoke stories and memories of persons in captivity, they also provide a metaphor for emotions experienced as we “look within and look out on the world.”

Through these Windows is part of a series titled L’Dor v Dor/Crossing the Line. The
intellectual-emotional basis of the series involves the tension caused between the
passing of tradition from generation to generation (l’dor v dor, in Hebrew), and changes
in tradition by those who dared, or who were required, to cross the line, either literally or figuratively, due to political, religious, economic or personal reasons. The unseen figures in Through these Windows are persons either trapped, confined or happy with
tradition – or persons who are crossing the line, and making a decision to change.

“Through These Windows” A Collaboration of Image and Words, with paintings by Melinda Silver and Collaborative Poetry by Jeanne Simonoff, is on exhibit at Java Joe’s in Rodeo Plaza, 2801 Rodeo Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87507 from October 4 – 30.